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Case Code: CLIBE045
Case Length: 2 pages 
Period: --  
Pub Date: 2005
Teaching Note: Not Available
Subject :Business Environment
Organization :--
Industry :Information Technology & Services
Countries : --

Cyber crime: Ever increasing menace *



The caselet traces the growth in cyber crime across the world. The attacks on government websites in India and the losses incurred by organizations due to Internet hacking are discussed. The caselet projects how online marketers are being affected by information diversion. It underlines the need for a comprehensive framework of laws across the globe to control crime in the world of bits and bytes.
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  • Growing Internet-related crimes throughout the world.
  • Losses due to cyber crimes and attacks on government websites.
  • Absence of a comprehensive framework of laws across the globe to prevent cyber crime.
The rapid growth of the Internet and of computer technology over the past few years has led to the growth of new forms of crimes – Internet-related crimes - throughout the world.

These crimes have no boundaries and may affect an individual, his property, an organization, or society at large. Many organizations have been losing their customers, time and money due to their vulnerability to hacking.

Association Group Insurance Administrators (AGIA), a US insurance company that insures its customers against any theft, misuse or forgery of their identities by online hackers... .. .
1. Many countries have their own cyber laws but they are unable to control the growth of cyber crime. Comment.

2.Discuss the possible measures that can be taken by the governments of various countries to protect companies like AGIA from hackers and prevent cyber crime.


Internet and of computer technology, Hacking, Association Group Insurance Administrators (AGIA), Internet hackers, SQL Slammer worm, Blaster worm, Sobig. F virus, online marketers, viruses, denial-of-service attacks, intellectual property theft, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Ministry of External Affairs, Atomic Energy Research Board and All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, The Council of Europe, The Organization of American States, cyber law making agencies.

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