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Case Code: CLIBE060
Case Length: 4 pages 
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Pub Date: 2005
Teaching Note: Not Available
Subject :Business Environment
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Revaluation of Yuan *



This caselet discusses the impact of the Yuan's peg against the US dollar on global trade. It specifically focuses on the growing pressure on China to revaluate its currency and describes the reasons for the delay in revaluation. The caselet looks at China's plans with regard to changing its foreign exchange rate system
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  • Is China getting an unfair trade advantage as alleged by other nations?
  • Yuan's peg against the US dollar
  • Why other countries are putting pressure on China to revalue its currency against the US dollar.
  • China's concerns with regard to revaluation of renminbi
  • Speculation regarding foreign exchange rate reforms in China
The possible revaluation of the Chinese currency, Yuan, against the US dollar in 2005 is helping speculators to make a quick buck in the foreign exchange market.

The Yuan had been pegged at 8.28 against the US dollar since the Asian financial crisis in the late 1990s. US manufacturers were of the opinion that Yuan's peg to the US dollar was undervalued, letting China gain an unfair trade advantage. US is not the lone suffer; the undervalued Yuan has also become a cause of concern for the countries of the European Union, Germany in particular.
1. Why is there a growing pressure on China to revalue its currency?

2. Why is China reluctant to revise its exchange rate immediately?


Chinese currency, Yuan, renminbi, revaluation, European Union, G7 countries, Bretton Woods Accord, European Joint Float (EJF), European Monetary System (EMS), World Bank, float exchange rate system, Olympic Games, World War II, pound, counterfeit

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