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Case Code: CLIBE064
Case Length: 04 pages 
Period: --  
Pub Date: 2005
Teaching Note:Not Available
Subject :Business Environment
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India & China - Growing Economic Ties *



The caselet discusses bilateral trade relations between India and China. It analyzes the issues to be addressed to strengthen economic ties between India and China and explores reasons for the advances in the Chinese economy. It looks at the potential exports that India can make to China
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» Bilateral trade between India and China.
» Growing economic relations between India and China.
» The disagreement over trade imbalance between the two nations i.e. India and China. .
India and China – two of the largest developing countries of the world have many common concerns for their economic development.... .
Questions for Discussion:
1. Comment on Brazil's history of inflation.
2. Do you believe in Goldman Sachs report that Brazil is going to be one of the top six economies in the world by 2039? Justify your answer .


India, China, developing countries, bilateral relations, economic growth, modernization, liberalization, literacy rate, health care system, global market, economic reforms, Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs), Joint Study Group (JSG), Indo-China trade, exports, manufactured goods, raw materials, Wen Jiabao (Wen), Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Manmohan Singh, trade balance, IT and IT enabled services (ITES), tourism, financial sector, bio-technology

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