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Case Code: CLIBE071
Case Length: 11 pages 
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Pub Date: 2011
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Subject :Business Environment
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Compulsory Corporate Social Responsibility Looms on India Inc.,: Can it be Sustained? *



This case is about recent trends in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Indian business environment. CSR became more visible in India in the 1990s and Indian Businesses adopted charity-based, philanthropic, and social initiative-based CSR approaches. To augment CSR practices by corporate companies, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance in India initiated steps to make CSR spend mandatory through changes in the draft of Companies Bill 2009. The case discusses the controversies sparked by the move with some sections voicing protests and industry groups, bureaucrats, legal groups, legislators, and professionals, indulging in heated arguments. The case concludes by discussing how CSR becomes a key differentiator for the Indian industry to achieve a sustainable future.
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  • Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • CSR growth aspects in India and the world.
  • How CSR spending and sustenance reporting are done in different countries.
  • The constraints in making CSR mandatory in India.
The practice of corporate social responsibility (CSR) gained visibility in India only in the 1990s, growing at a slower pace in the country than in the West. To bring about a change in the situation, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance proposed changes in the draft of the Companies Bill 2009 to make CSR spend mandatory...
1. What is CSR and how important is it in adding value to companies?

2. How do companies become responsible to society and the environment at large?

3. What are the new changes being proposed with regard to CSR in the new Companies Bill in India?

4. What are the different viewpoints of the various stakeholders regarding CSR becoming mandatory?


CSR, CR, Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, Business Environment, Sustainable Development, Sustenance Reporting, Business Responsibility, NGO

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