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Case Code: CLHR055
Case Length: 7 pages 
Period: 2007-2019
Pub Date: 2020
Teaching Note: Available
Subject : Human Resources/ Organization Behavior
Organization :L’Oréal SA
Industry :Cosmetics & Toiletries
Countries : France

L`Oréal`s FIT Culture App: A Culture Acclimatization Tool



The case study ‘L’Oréal’s FIT Culture App: A Culture Acclimatization Tool’ deals with L’Oréal’s efforts to integrate new employees into the company and its culture. In 2005, L’Oréal, developed a comprehensive on-boarding “Follow-Up and Integration Track (FIT)” program. This was a formal integration/induction program designed to help new employees learn to adapt to its culture.

To better support and onboard its new employees all over the world and align itself with the digital learning trends of millennial employees, the company developed the Fit Culture App in 2017. The app was designed to assist its newcomers understand the unique company culture and key values through challenges, personal stories, and videos and was made available in 11 languages. It was the world’s first mobile application designed to assist newcomers in an organization understand, decode, and master their unique company culture. The app had bite-sized capsules of content on topics such as entrepreneurship, cooperation, agility, and networking. New employees needed to use the app for 5-10 minutes daily and were able to familiarize themselves with L’Oréal’s culture in 30 days as the entire content of the app was learner-driven. The case also describes how the app was paired with other culture-focused initiatives within L’Oréal’s learning eco-system such as the ‘Simplicity transformation program’ that included seminars designed to share the culture with executives and managers; the ‘Lead & Enable program’, where managers learned to help employees grow and encourage them to take the initiative; and the ‘L’Oréal Momentum program’ that provided opportunities for managers to reflect on how they could build a new, community-driven and more collaborative L’Oréal.

These culture-focused initiatives helped L’Oréal rank 12th among the top 30 in the view of business students and 19th position among the top 30 in the view of engineering/IT students, as per the World’s Most Attractive Employers (WMAE) research for 2019 undertaken by Universum.
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  • Understand the importance of integrating new employees into a company’s culture.
  • Gain knowledge on the process of socialization.
  • Understand the relevance of induction and different employee training methods.
  • Importance of effective induction to curb employee turnover.
  • Examining the need for employee training.
In 2017, L’Oréal SA, the world’s largest cosmetics company, digitalized its on-boarding system called the Follow-up and Integration Track (FIT) program and developed the FIT Culture App, the world’s first mobile HR app. The app was designed to help around 10,000 new employees per year understand, decode, and master L’Oréal’s culture within a month of joining the company.

L'Oréal S.A. was founded by Eugène Schueller in 1909. Headquartered in Paris, France, it operated in the beauty products, cosmetics, personal care, consumer products, luxury, and pharmacy segments. As of 2019, it was present in 150 countries and had 86,000 employees. ...


L’Oréal; Organizational culture; Onboarding; Employee training; Employee engagement; Socialization; On-the-job training; Fit Culture App

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