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Case Code: CLHR058
Case Length: 3 pages 
Period: -
Pub Date: 2020
Teaching Note: Available
Subject : Human Resources/ Organization Behavior
Organization :Anandi Textiles Private Limited
Industry :Textiles & Apparel
Countries : India

Recruitment Indexes: The Key to Measure Recruiter Effectiveness



This case is about a senior HR manager of a large textile company, who along with her team conducted a mass recruitment drive. The case gives basic facts and figures pertaining to the response time, time to fill the jobs, time to start, cost incurred on recruitment, acceptance rate, and quality of hires. The case should help the students in understanding the different recruitment indexes involved in the measurement of recruiter effectiveness. The case will also help students in understanding the recruiter effectiveness at face value or actual raw data result, overall average percentage of effectiveness, and weighted evaluation of recruiter effectiveness. Furthermore, with the limited time and budget allocated to the hiring exercise, the students as future managers should be able to calculate the key recruitment indexes and do the cost-benefit analysis.
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  • Understand the different indexes used to assess overall recruiter effectiveness.
  • Learn the calculation of different indexes ranging from time to fill metrics to quality of new hires.
  • Learn to calculate recruiter effectiveness at face value, overall average percentage of effectiveness, and weighted evaluation.
Anandi Textiles Private Limited, a large textile manufacturing company with headquarters in Mumbai, had recently expanded its operations into the eastern and southern parts of the country. During the calendar year 2019, the company undertook a massive recruitment drive and hired 1390 people for middle level positions. After completion of one year of its operations in the south and east in 2020, the CEO of the company wanted to review the outcomes of the recruitment drive and assess whether it had been effective. Given the time invested and the huge costs incurred by the company on the recruitment drive, Ms Avantika, senior Human Resource (HR) manager of the firm, was assigned the task of making a presentation on its effectiveness at the annual board of directors meeting.... ...


Recruiter effectiveness, Response time, Time to start, time to fill metrics, Cost per hire, Offer acceptance rate, Quality of hire, face value method, overall average percentage of effectiveness method, weighted evaluation method

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