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Case Code: CLHR067
Case Length: 6 pages
Period: 2011-2020
Pub Date: 2020
Teaching Note: Available
Subject : Human Resources/ Organization Behavior
Organization :GlobalLogic India
Industry :Technology & Communications
Countries : United States, India

GlobalLogic`s Social Media Hiring and Branding Strategy



The case study ‘GlobalLogic’s Social Media Hiring and Branding Strategy’ describes the talent acquisition (TA) strategy of GlobalLogic powered by social media. As a full-lifecycle digital product engineering company that delivered over 1,500 projects annually, including for many Fortune 500 firms, right talent was the key to its successful value delivery to clients. At the beginning of 2011, GlobalLogic decided to shift from traditional job portals to new age social hiring tools to attract and hire quality candidates to meet its growth needs.

The case details how the company had to revamp policies and put in place various mechanisms to motivate and reward the TA team that made the shift from traditional hiring practices to social recruiting. In addition to adopting Linkedin recruitment solutions, the company made efforts to leverage on the social media capabilities of Linkedin to build and communicate its brand to potential hires. The TA team made the company employees the center of their employer branding strategy by asking them to share their hiring and working experience through LinkedIn posts. This led to dynamic visibility for the company on social media.

The case finally showcases how the TA team put together different kinds of analysis using Linkedin Talent Insights (LTI) for hiring and business decisions. LTI also provided guidance for strategic business decisions that often involved huge investments and helped deliver tangible value and build stakeholder trust. On the whole, LTI helped the TA team of GlobalLogic to be at the forefront of the HR data revolution by providing a reliable source of data.
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  • Be aware of the various benefits of using social recruiting tools.
  • Understand the need to realign HR policies to enable recruiters to use social recruiting tools.
  • Learn how LinkedIn Talent Insight offers data to forecast manpower requirements and costs.
  • Know the benefits of using social recruiting tools to improve employer branding.
GlobalLogic, a full-lifecycle digital product engineering company, worked with hundreds of companies worldwide, delivering over 1,500 projects annually. Its clients included many Fortune 500 firms, such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Verizon, Cisco Systems, and Samsung. Over the years, the company had established a strong brand due to its successful delivery of projects. GlobalLogic’s main resources were its R&D employees that designed and developed its services and executed the projects. These key employees worked out of ‘Engineering Centers’ in the US, the UK, India, Ukraine, Argentina, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, and Croatia. As part of its talent management practices, GlobalLogic followed a four step strategy: attract, motivate, develop, and retain. Since the company partnered with Fortune 500 companies and some of the biggest names in technology, it strove to identify and hire the best talent.


HR Technology; HR Automation ; Talent Analytics; Talent Acquisition; Social Recruiting; Agile HR; Recruitment; Employer Branding; Recruiting Metrics; Workforce Planning; LinkedIn Talent Insights

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