International Business Environment Case Studies

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India & China - Growing Economic Ties  Details CLIBE064

Brazil- A World Economic Power in the Making  Details CLIBE063

The US Steel Industry Details CLIBE062

WTO - A Global Trade Regulator Details CLIBE061

Revaluation of Yuan Details CLIBE060

Unemployment in Germany Details CLIBE059

Inflation in India Details CLIBE058

India - Before and after VAT Details CLIBE057

Current Account Deficit in the US Economy Details CLIBE056

Doubts Over Efficacy of VAT Details CLIBE055

Reforming the US Tax Structure Details CLIBE054

Coalition Politics in Italy Details CLIBE053

Technology Transfer - A Global Phenomenon Details CLIBE052

US Current Account Deficit - Repercussions on the Global Economy Details CLIBE051

Scrapping of Press Note 18 - Impact on Indian Joint Ventures Details CLIBE050

Anti - dumping Measures as a Tool of Protectionism Details CLIBE049

Cairn Energy - A Tryst with the Indian Market Details CLIBE048 - Unethical Business Practices? Details CLIBE047

Post MFA - A Paradigm Shift Details CLIBE046

Cyber Crime - Ever Increasing Menace Details CLIBE045

China and the MFA Details CLIBE044

Microsoft's Trade Practices Details CLIBE043

Cola Drinks - How Safe are they? Details CLIBE042

The 'New' Textile Policy Details CLIBE041

Exploitation of Indo - Mauritius DTAA Details CLIBE040

Global warming - Need for a Global Effort Details CLIBE039

Taxing the Intangible Details CLIBE038

FIIs Avoiding Tax in India Details CLIBE037

The Virus Menace Details CLIBE036

Pepsi's Indian Operations Details CLIBE035

Urbanization in India and its Impact on Environment Details CLIBE034

Combating the Global Environmental Pollution Details CLIBE033

Exclusive Marketing Rights - Fight for Patents Details CLIBE032

Indian Pharma Industry - Concerns about TRIPs Agreement Details CLIBE031

e-Commerce - Need for Localization Details CLIBE030

Can India Make 'IT'? Details CLIBE029

KFC in India Details CLIBE028

Need to Revise the Japanese Constitution Details CLIBE027

Russian Oil Industry - Tiff between the Government & Yukos Details CLIBE026

Russia's Struggle for Existence Details CLIBE025


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