Mahindra "Rise": New Vision, Core Purpose and Positioning Statement

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Case Code : BSTR394
Case Length : 15 Pages
Period : 2011
Pub Date : 2011
Teaching Note :Not Available
Organization : Mahindra Group
Industry : Diversified
Countries : India; Global

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This case study was compiled from published sources, and is intended to be used as a basis for class discussion. It is not intended to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a management situation. Nor is it a primary information source.

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About Mahindra Group

The Mahindra Group was started in 1945 by Mahindra brothers JC Mahindra and KC Mahindra as a steel trading company. After Ghulam Mohammad joined them, they set up a franchise for assembling jeeps from Willys,3 USA. After India got its Independence in 1947, Ghulam Mohamed left the partnership.4 Soon after, the company was renamed Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.(M&M). It became a public limited company in 1955. Over the next few decades, the Group promoted many companies in areas as diverse as hotels, financial services, auto components, information technology, infrastructure development, and trading.

Business Strategy | Case Study in Management, Operations, Strategies, Business Strategy, Case Studies

In 1958, Mahindra entered into an agreement with Birfield5 to form Mahindra Sintered6 Products Private Limited for manufacturing a wide range of self-lubricating bearings. In 1968, the company's instrumentation and electronics division was set up. In 1984, Mahindra entered into a collaboration agreement with Foramer,7 for the purchase of Ile d'Amsterdam,8 at a price of US $10.75 million. Mahindra signed a memorandum of understanding with British Telecom9 in 1985 for joint exploration and development of opportunities in telecommunication and other technical fields in India. In September 1989, it acquired the automotive pressing unit at Kanhe from Guest Keen Williams (GKW).10 In 1994, with the intention of achieving global sales, it set up its wholly-owned subsidiary, Mahindra USA...

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3] Willys is a brand name of Willys-Overland Motors, an American automobile company known for its design and production of military Jeeps and civilian versions during the 20th century.
4] With the partitioning of India and the founding of Pakistan, Mohammed migrated to Pakistan and became Finance Minister of the newly established Pakistan. From 1951-55, he was Governor-General of Pakistan.
5] Birfield is part of the GKN Group. GKN plc is a multinational engineering company headquartered in Redditch, UK, that operates in aerospace, drive line, powder metallurgy, and land systems
6] Sintering is a method for making objects from powder. The material is heated in a sintering furnace below its melting point until its particles adhere to each other.
7] Foramer is an associate of Forasol, a Swiss company based in the Lausanne area, and specializes in all kinds of subterranean and deep foundation construction. Since its creation in 1973, Forasol has executed numerous important foundation projects in Switzerland and abroad.
8] Ile d'Amsterdam is an offshore drilling rig, which is a French island in the Indian Ocean. It is part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands.
9] British Telcom is one of the largest global telecommunications Services Companies in the world and is headquartered in London.
10] GKW Limited is a subsidiary of the U.K. based engineering giant GKN plc. The company has four operating divisions, viz., the precision pressing division, the steel division, the fastener division, and the engineering and forging division.

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