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Case Code: MKTG368
Case Length: 9 Pages 
Period: 2017   
Pub Date: 2017
Teaching Note: Available
Organization : Pidilite Industries Limited
Industry : Adhesives
Countries : India 
Themes: Marketing Management/ Marketing communications  
Case Studies  
Business Strategy
Human Resource Management
IT and Systems
Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Product Positioning & Promotional Strategy of Fevicol

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Fevicol, the flagship adhesive brand of Pidilite Industries Limited (Pidilite), enjoyed a dominant position in the adhesive business in India with a market share of 70% as of 2015. Reportedly, Fevicol was the largest selling adhesives brand in Asia with a presence in over 50 countries. In 2015, Pidilite reported a turnover of Rs 46.52 billion, of which 40% came from sales of Fevicol1. According to some analysts, Fevicol’s dominance in the Indian adhesive market could be attributed not only to the brand’s inherent strength and quality but also to a series of advertising campaigns launched by the company over the years to promote the Fevicol brand. “Although Fevicol is not a consumer product, but it has managed to reach out to every Indian thanks to the brilliance and humour of the campaigns,” said Abhijit Avasthi (Avasthi), former National Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather India (O&M).

Launched in 1959, Fevicol was promoted as easy to use glue for carpenters, as an alternative to fat and collagen based adhesive which had to be boiled before application. Over the years, the brand had proved its mettle in terms of consistency, quality, and strong distribution method and customer relationship. It had become a generic name in the adhesive category in India. According to industry experts, Fevicol had strong brand equity and remained embedded in the minds and hearts of the customers. Since adhesive was a low involvement category, Pidilite adopted creative marketing strategies to increase the sales of the adhesive, they said. Over the years, Fevicol’s simple, creative, and humorous advertisements clicked with customers and contributed to the success of the brand, opined industry experts.....


Marketing Case Studies | Case Study in Management, Operations, Strategies, Business Environment, Case Studies
Marketing Case Studies | Case Study in Management, Operations, Strategies, Business Environment, Case Studies
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