Guatemala - Evolving 'The Soul of the Earth'*



Case Code : CLCB051
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Consumer Behavior
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Length : 06 Pages
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Key words:

Guatemala, The Soul of the Earth, Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo (INGUAT), Interbrand Corporation, Focus groups, Willy Kaltschmitt, Positive association, Negative association, Oscar Berger and Mayan forest


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The caselet, Guatemala: Evolving 'The Soul of the Earth', gives an overview of how Interbrand, a brand management firm, developed a logo for Guatemala. The logo was representative of what Guatemala stood for. Interbrand undertook consumer research to understand what Guatemala stood for in the minds of the people of that country as also those of foreigners. The caselet also deals with how INGUAT, the governmental organization responsible for the tourism promotion activities of Guatemala, used the feedback from consumer research to come out with promotional campaigns and tourist-friendly measures.


How an organization decides on the mode of research when it wants to elicit feedback
How organizations use the consumer feedback to develop effective strategies which strengthen their position
The parameters that marketers take into consideration while developing a logo

Interbrand Corporation (Interbrand), a brand consultancy firm headquartered in New York, advised its clients on areas like brand research, brand strategy, brand valuation, etc...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Why did Interbrand follow a consumer research process which was more skewed toward the qualitative form of research than the quantitative form?

2. "An international study was also done to explore both informed and spontaneous perceptions about Guatemala. The world-wide study indicated both the positive and negative associations that people had with Guatemala." To what extent did the use of projective techniques help Interbrand in developing the brand and image strategy?