Twitter`s Onboarding Program: `Yes-to-desk`

Twitter`s Onboarding Program: `Yes-to-desk`
Case Code: CLHR090
Case Length: 6 Pages
Period: 2011-2022
Pub Date: 2022
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Organization: Twitter
Industry: Technology & Communications
Countries: United States
Themes: Human Resource Planning, Recruitment & Selection, Human Capital, Workplace Diversity
Twitter`s Onboarding Program: `Yes-to-desk`


The case ‘Twitter’s Onboarding Program; ‘Yes-to-Desk’ describes the ‘Yes-to-Desk’ onboarding program developed by the social networking service application platform. The case touches upon the objectives of the program and the need to ensure that new hires had a seamless transition into the organization and their new role. The case discusses Twitter’s hiring process to recruit the best talent that comprised three rounds of interviews – recruiter screening, phone interviews, and on-site interviews – to obtain the right talent. Next, the case describes in detail the various features of the ‘Yes-to-Desk’ program, which included team lunches, happy hours, on-the-job training, and continuous feedback. The case also focuses on the impact of the Yes-to-Desk program, which became one of the most recognized onboarding programs for new employees. The case then focuses on how Twitter also rolled out ‘Inclusive Hiring Principles’ with campus and virtual tours and events. The case ends with Twitter’s continued focus on improving the way it onboarded new employees even during the Covid-19 pandemic so that every new employee felt included right away, even in a remote working environment.


  • UnderstandExamine the differences in the onboarding process across organizational levels.
  • Recognize the need to attract and maintain a hiring pipeline of millennial employees.
  • Understand the need for diverse workforce representation.
  • Understand how employee onboarding can be an effective process to build company culture.
  • Examine the need for training to implement inclusive hiring process.


Twitter, an American technology company, reinvented how employees were on boarded with its ‘Yes-to-Desk’ program that was designed to ensure that new hires would be able to make a seamless transition to the organization and their new roles. This process was aimed at providing a happy experience for new employees from the moment they said ‘yes’ to the job offer until they sat at their ‘desk’ for the first time.

Twitter believed that employee onboarding was critical to its overall business growth and success. It therefore decided right at the time the company was founded to build an onboarding program. Twitter followed an efficient and effective hiring process to recruit the best talent as it aimed to continue building up its ability to scale as an organization.


Recruitment; Employee Onboarding; Inclusion & Diversity; Employee Engagement; Remote Working; Training & Development; Work Culture

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