Industrial Designing In India: Waking up to the Global Demand*



Case Code : CLINDM 005
Publication date : 2006
Subject : Industrial Marketing
Industry : Auto and Ancillaries
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Length : 07 Pages
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Key words:

Tata Motors, GM, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, Emerson, Business process outsourcing, Voice- based transaction processes, Industrial designing, Market share, outsourcing, In-house design, Onio design, Elephant design, QuEST, CAD, CAM, National Institute of Design (NID), labor, Brand re-designing, Re-positioning, Demand-supply variation, Competition, Exhibitions, Trade fairs, Design Excellence Awards, Businessworld, Entrepreneurs, Scalability.


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The caselet studies the evolution of the industrial design industry in India. It focuses on the changes in the industry with the increase in competition and demand from foreign customers. The caselet also highlights the outsourced deals, in industrial design, bagged by several Indian companies and the demand-supply variation problems faced by the Indian players in this area. The caselet also focuses on the aggressive promotions undertaken by the Indian government to overcome these hurdles.


  » IT and business process outsourcing by global companies to Asia in general and India in particular
  » The evolution of industrial design industry in India
  » The entry of foreign design companies in India due to cost effective labor and technological expertise
  » Demand-supply variation in the industrial design sector in India
  » Promoting an industry


With the boom in the IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sectors, global players are looking towards Asia in general and India in particular for outsourcing their business processes.

‘India Inc.'proved its mettle in the IT field and today it is the most sought after destination in the BPO sector. Other than voice and non-voice based transaction processes, Indian companies also cater to new services like industrial designing.

Industrial designing involves designing products and services for manufacturers and service providers respectively.....

Questions for Discussion:

1. Perform a SWOT analysis on the Industrial Design industry in India. Discuss the role played by the NID in the development of this industry.

2. India churns out only 500 designers per year while the requirement is for around 10,000. According to you, what strategies can the Indian design companies adopt to overcome the competition from countries like China and Singapore?