Titan Watches – Advertising in Global Markets



Case Code : CLMC-004
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Marketing Communications
Industry : Clocks and Watches
Length : 04 Pages
Price : Rs. 100

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Key words:

Titan Industries Ltd (TIL), Lowe-Howard Spink, Ogilvy & Mather (O&M), WPP Mindshare, FasTrack, Nebula, Sonata, Watches


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This caselet highlights the different advertising media used by Titan Industries Ltd. to establish itself in various international markets. The caselet emphasizes upon the need to develop products that cater to the needs of the various customer segments like mass market, youth, luxury, and premium. It also describes the emergence of Indian advertising agencies as a global force and the need to devise promotional methods based on the country of operation.


  » The importance of selecting a proper advertising agency while entering international markets.
  » The emergence of Indian advertising agencies as a global force
  » Need to adapt or standardize the advertising content
  » Importance of segmentation


Titan Industries Ltd (TIL), one of the leading manufacturers of watches in the world, was incorporated in 1986 and launched its first watch model in 1987. A joint venture between the Tata group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial development Corporation (TIDCO), it is the undisputed leader in India with a market share of 58% in the organized domestic market.

Titan decided to focus on quartz watches, which many industry observers felt, were not suitable for Indian conditions. But, Titan was instrumental in revolutionizing the watch market in India with its quartz watches.

Over the years, it brought out watches that fulfilled the requirements of customers across different segments – mass market, youth, mid-premium, and luxury. The Sonata range was aimed at the mass market while the Titan range catered to the rest. The Titan range includes sub-brands like FasTrack, Raga, Nebula, Edge, Dash, and FLIP for customers across the spectrum. FasTrack was positioned for the youth, Edge for the technology-conscious segment, Nebula for the luxury segment consumers who demand value at high prices, and the FLIP range of contemporary-styled watches for upper premium (luxury) segment.....

Questions for Discussion:

1. Explain the rationale for TIL changing its account, from an international advertising agency to a domestic one, for its second foray into the European market and other countries.

2. “The attempt is to show faces and images which are well known to European consumers.” Enumerate the probable reasons that might have led TIL to associate its watch brands with events and eminent personalities in its six print campaigns in Europe?