Progressive Corp - Customer Service Initiatives



Case Code : CLSM019
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Services Marketing
Industry : Insurance
Length : 03 Pages
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Key words:

American Insurance Industry, Auto Insurance, State Farm Insurance Co, Allstate Corp, Progressive Corp, Insurance Comparison Rating Service, 'Immediate Response Vehicle', "Concierge" Claims Centers, Claims Processing, Insurance Quote System, Customer's Driving Behavior, Pricing Strategy


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Progressive Corp is the third largest auto insurance company in USA. The caselet outlines the various customer service initiatives that Progressive Corp undertook over the years. These include details of the launch of "Concierge" claims centers and online insurance buying service. The caselet also discusses Progressive Corp's new insurance quote system launched on a pilot basis that helps in finding optimal price for both the company and the customer.


   Auto insurance market in USA.
   Customer service initiatives in insurance sector.
   Internet as an operational medium in insurance.


The American insurance industry recorded US$1.09 trillion in gross premium income in 2003, an increase of 7.3% over the previous year with non-life insurance contributing US$ 584.15bn.

Although auto insurance accounts for a major share of non-life insurance, it fared poorly because of the depressed US economy and price competition among the insurance companies. In this highly competitive environment Progressive Corp, auto insurance major, started offering innovative services to attract new customers and retain its existing customer base. Progressive Corp is the third largest US auto insurance company behind the State Farm Insurance Co. and Allstate Corp...

Questions for Discussion:

1. Progressive was in the forefront in offering innovative customer services. In what ways have these initiatives helped Progressive?

2. Market analysts feel that the service initiatives that enhance customer relationships will not only benefit the service provider, but also the customers. In what ways do you think will customers benefit from the customer service initiatives of Progressive Corp?