ICICI Credit Cards - Improving Customer Service



Case Code : CLSM032
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Services Marketing
Industry : Banking and financial services
Length : 05 Pages
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Key words:

ICICI Bank, Credit Cards, Co-Branding, Customer Service, Attrition, Technology, Rewards


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ICICI bank realized that though it held a substantial share in the credit card business, in the race for increasing numbers, it had not concentrated on quality of customer service. This caselet discusses the use of process improvement, technology and promotional measures by ICICI to improve customer service levels in the credit card segment.


   Impact of poor customer service in credit cards Industry.
   Use of technology to deliver better customer service.
   Promotional schemes as a customer service tool.


In 2004, ICICI Bank was the second largest private commercial Bank in India with about 470 branches and 1800 ATMs. It provided a multitude of banking and financial services, namely banking, credit cards, loans, investments, NRI services and so on.

In the same period, its credit card division was ranked second, having about 2.4 million customers. The bank offered various categories of credit cards such as Premium (Solid Gold, Amex Gold), Classic (Sterling Silver, American Express Green, Mini, Easy Deposit-Gold and Silver).

They also introduced value for money cards, affinity cards and co-branded cards as part of their customer relationship strategy...

Questions for Discussion:

1. By concentrating on the numbers game, ICICI lost out on quality of customer service. Highlight the various measures taken by the bank to retain its customers.

2. Increased usage leads to more spending on credit cards. Do you think ICICI bank was able to leverage this factor and build customer relationship and loyalties?