Kotak Securities - Transition to Wealth Management



Case Code : CLSM033
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Services Marketing
Industry : Banking and financial services
Length : 03 Pages
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Key words:

Kotak Securities, High Net-Worth Individuals, Private Client Group, Portfolio Management Services, Investments, Financial Services


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This caselet discusses the change in positioning of Kotak Securities Ltd's (KSL) portfolio management services to cater to the high net worth individuals (HNIs) of India. It explains the product variations and other steps taken to provide better customer service to HNIs. Finally, it looks at future strategies of the company which aim at a comprehensive product basket for the investment savvy customers.


   Impact of changing attitude of customers towards savings and investments.
   Objective behind differentiation of investment products.
   Importance of providing value added services in financial services.


Kotak Securities Ltd., (KSL), the stock broking arm of the Kotak Mahindra Group, was set up in 1994 with minority participation from Goldman Sachs (Mauritius) L.L.C. (25%) and Pannier Trading Company (75%).

Kotak Securities was a corporate member of both the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited. Its operations included stock broking and distribution of various financial products - including private and secondary placement of debt and equity, mutual funds, and fixed deposits.

In 2001, Kotak Mahindra Financial Limited (KMFL) bought a 75% stake in the company, thereby making Kotak Securities as a subsidiary company...

Questions for Discussion:

1. In providing portfolio management services, what were the advantages that Kotak Securities Ltd (KSL) had to serve its customers better? Also discuss its products with reference to customer needs.

2. Building a base of Rs 12000 mn in portfolio management services (PMS) requires a well- planned strategy. Discuss KSL's approach to these services.