Monster Inc. - Strategic Growth in India



Case Code : CLSM035
Publication date : 2005
Subject : Services Marketing
Industry : Internet services
Length : 04 Pages
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Monster, Website, Job Seeker, Resume, Job Portal, Recruiter, E-Recruitment


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This caselet discusses the strategies of Monster Inc. in India. It focuses on Monster's tactics to gain more market share in light of prevailing competition. It also discusses the unique product offerings of its website that are aimed at providing convenience and value addition to both employers and the job seekers.


   Importance of SWOT analysis in global operations.
   Impact of alternative strategies for growth in e-recruitment business.
   Product innovation in online services.


Monster Inc. was founded in 1994 in maynard, US as a division of Monster Worldwide. It connected jobseekers all over the world by its website

By 2004, Monster had 25 local languages and content sites in 23 countried worldwide and was once of the leading jobsites in the recruitment business

Monster entered India in March 2001, through a 65:35 percent joint venture - (MI) - with an Australian Internet investment company, ecorp Ltd...

Questions for Discussion:

1. From 50,000 visits to the site in March 2001 to 4.49 million visitors in January 2004 has been a journey, which was well thought out and planned. Comment on this statement with reference to MonsterIndia's strategy into the Indian market.

2. Strategy was not the only reason for MonsterIndia's success in India. Discuss with respect to various product offerings given by the company?