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Case Code: HROB205
Case Length: 12 Pages 
Period: 2016-2019   
Pub Date: 2020
Teaching Note:Available
Organization : Vodafone Idea Limited
Industry :Technology & Communications
Countries : India; United Kingdom
Themes:  Organizational Design/ M&A/ Organizational Culture/ Change Management
Case Studies  
Business Strategy
Human Resource Management
IT and Systems
Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Organizational Redesign at Vodafone Idea Limited

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After the formation of the new company, VIL created a blueprint to improve its revenue, profitability, and competitive position in the marketplace. The company called it the five-pillar strategy and it formed the basis for all its strategic initiatives. Accelerate the Integration: When the merger was announced on March 20, 2017, the initial target to complete integration was 2021. The main focus was on how quickly VIL could complete the integration so as to realize the benefits in terms of customer experience (on capacity and coverage), and cost reductions...
Human Resource and Organization Behavior Case Studies | Case Study in Management, Operations, Strategies, Business Environment, Case Studies
Human Resource and Organization Behavior Case Studies | Case Study in Management, Operations, Strategies, Business Environment, Case Studies
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As the success of the merger and integration was largely dependent on people, VIL’s management team decided to revamp its organization structure and culture on the basis of the newly created vision, mission, and values. VIL’s vision was to create world class digital experiences to connect and inspire every Indian to build a better tomorrow. VIL created a separate mission for each stakeholder – a mission statement for customers, for its employees, for the community at large, and another for the shareholders..


As part of the merger agreement, ABG had the sole right to appoint the chairman. Accordingly, the group's chairman, Kumar Mangalam Birla, became the chairman of the combined entity. Vodafone, which had the sole right to appoint the CFO, appointed Akshaya Moondra as CFO of the combined entity. Vodafone and Idea jointly appointed Ambrish Jain as COO and Balesh Sharma (Sharma) as CEO of VIL. These appointments were effective from August 31, 2018...


VIL achieved several milestones ahead of the expected timeline and looked well on track to delivering the guided synergies envisaged at the time of merger. The company was making investments for expanding the coverage and capacity of its 4G network with a target of reaching 80% of 4G population coverage (95% coverage in key profitable districts) and 2.5 times capacity by March 2020, compared to September 2018...


Exhibit I: Vodafone-Idea Merger Factsheet
Exhibit II: Mission Statements of VIL
Exhibit III: Customer-Centric Approach