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Glossary C page 2
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Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) Contract Costs of Failure
Computerized accounting systems Contributor facility Costs of Non-conformance
Computer-related Capital Equipment Control Chart Counseling
Conative behavior Control risk Counterfeit merchandise
Concentrated marketing Control System Country Club Management
Concentration Control Coupon
Concentrators Controllable elements Covert ethics
Concentric diversification Controlling Craft production
Concept of complementarity Convenience goods Crashing
Concept testing Convenience products Creative boutique
Conceptual Skills Convenience stores Creative format
Conciliator Conventional supermarkets Critical Activity
Concurrent audit Convergence Critical incident method
Concurrent Control Conversion rate Critical Path Method
Conditional Probability Convertible Currencies Critical path
Conditional Profit Cookies Critical success factor (CSF) method
Confidence Level Cooperative advertising Cross cultural Literacy
Configuration Management Co-operative and Active Internationalization Cross cultural Training
Configurator Cooperative society Cross docking
Conflict Trigger Co-opted self-regulation Cross elasticity of demand
Conflict Co-opting Cross functional process integration
Conglomerate mergers Coordination Cross functional Team
Conglomerate Co-processors Cross sectional Scenarios
Conjoint analysis Copy-heavy layout Crowding-out-hypothesis
Conjunctive rule Copywriting Cryptography
Connectionless Service CORBA Cultural relativism
Connection-oriented Service Core Competencies Cultural System
Constants Core customers Culture
Consultative management style Core values Cumulative effect
Consumer behavior Corporate advertising Cumulative Frequency Distribution
Consumer cooperative Corporate buyers Cumulative Reports
Consumer decision process Corporate code Current Account
Consumer franchise-building (CFB) promotion activities Corporate credos Current Assets
Consumer learning Corporate Culture Current Liabilities
Consumer markets Corporate Governance Curvilinear Relationship
Consumer Price Index Corporate Philanthropy Custom product
Consumer promotions Corporate public relations Customer Division
Consumer sales-building (CSB) promotion activities Corporate raiders Customer Loyalty
Consumer surplus Corporate Social Responsiveness Customer orientation
Consumer's Risk Corporate-level planning Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Consumerism Corporate-level Strategy Customer service
Consumer-jury tests Corporation Customer theft
Consumer-to-Consumer or Customer-to-Customer (C2C) Correlation Analysis Customer
Consumption function Cost Budgeting Customer-based organization
Consumption Cost Estimating Customer-centered
Content Page Cost Leadership Strategy Customization
Content Theories Cost leadership Customized approach
Contingency or situational approach Cost of goods sold Customs Union
Contingency Planning Cost of ownership Cut and try method
Contingency Theory Cost Overruns Cyber Laws
Continuing information systems (CIS) Cost per Order (CPO) Cybernetic Control System
Continuity Cost per thousand method Cybernetic controls
Continuous Data Cost Performance Index (CPI) Cycle analysis
Continuous operations Cost Risk Cycle of Events
Continuous Random Variable Cost Variance Cycle Stock
Contract Administration Cost-based transfer prices Cycle time
Contract Closing Cost-benefit analysis  
Contract Files Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee (CPFF) Contracts  
Contract Negotiation Cost-push inflation  
Contract warehousing Costs of Conformance