Navroze Godrej: Steering Innovation through Design Thinking

Navroze Godrej: Steering Innovation through Design Thinking
Case Code: BSTR517
Case Length: 9 Pages
Period: 2013-2015
Pub Date: 2017
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Organization: Godrej & Boyce
Industry: Manufacturing
Countries: India
Themes: Strategy and Innovation
Navroze Godrej: Steering Innovation through Design Thinking
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In 2005, Navroze Godrej (Navroze) was inducted as a management trainee into Godrej & Boyce (G&B), the holding company of the Godrej Group. Navroze, a fourth generation-scion of the Godrej family which owned the Godrej Group, was all of 23 years old when he joined Godrej. He was quite different from the previous generations of the family in terms of being more agile and wanting to bring in change within the company. When Navroze was in his early twenties, he met Professor Hemmant Jha, (Jha) of the Institute of Design, Chicago, US. It turned out to be a momentous meeting and was a turning point for Navroze as it kindled in him a love for design, which soon turned into a lasting passion. Navroze was so impressed after chatting with Jha that he persuaded the professor to join G&B. Analysts said this was a smart move by Navroze – one that drove G&B toward innovation. After hiring Jha, Navroze and his team at G&B brought out novel designs and innovations which were patented under Godrej...

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