Microsoft Unveils IE 7 Beta*



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Microsoft has unveiled a new version of its Internet Explorer (IE) web browser that has improved security features. This was seen as a bid to counter the growing threat from the Firefox browser. The new version of the IE browser has also further increased the rivalry between Google and Microsoft.


On April, 25, 2006, Microsoft Corp (Microsoft) released a new version of its Internet Explorer (IE) browser, IE 7 Beta 2. The browser, with tighter security controls, also offered advanced features to users while navigating the web.

The browser development team at Microsoft considered IE 7 Beta 2 to be a significant improvement over the IE 6 version. "IE 7 is feature complete and has been through significant compatibility and reliability testing. People (especially technology enthusiasts) will have a good experience with it," the team added. Experts were of the opinion that Microsoft's new browser was the company's response to growing criticism that its IE 6 browser had serious security flaws which made users vulnerable to attacks from malicious viruses and online phishing scams.

In January 2005, Secunia, a Denmark-based computer security company which tracks vulnerabilities in over 9000 software products, had given the IE 6 their highest rating of "extremely critical" because of the high number of flaws detected in the browser.

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