American Express - Fighting Competition in the Domestic Market*



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Publication date : 2005
Subject : International Marketing
Industry : Financial Services
Length : 03 Pages
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American Express (AmEx), credit cards, travel, international insurance, online banking, charge card, promotional campaign, customers, Green Card, Gold Card, Blue cash card, Platinum credit card, Starwood preferred guest credit card, Maryland Bank North America (MBNA), Visa U.S.A Inc., MasterCard International Inc., joint venture, competition, Citigroup, CitiBank, Visa, MasterCard


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The caselet gives details about the financial services provided by American Express (AmEx) to people across the globe. It discusses the variety of products offered by AmEx to credit card users and talks about the way in which AmEx handled competition in the US from Visa and Masetercards. It also looks into the joint venture of AmEx with Maryland Bank North America (MBNA).


How American Express is serving people across the globe
How the credit card business of AmEx is spread worldwide
The problems AmEx faced with Visa and Mastercard in the US


When American Express (AmEx) was set up in 1850 in New York, it was a just an express delivery company that provided freight services and carried valuables.

Over the years, it diversified into various areas such as credit cards, travel, international insurance, and online banking and expanded its services to different parts of the world.

AmEx's credit card business provided varied services to people internationally. Its first charge card was issued in 1958...

Questions for Discussion:

1. AmEx served its customers by offering a range of credit cards. Comment.

2. How did the AmEx fight against the competition from Visa and MasterCard in America?