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Mini Case Code : CLIM040
Publication date : 2005
Subject : International Marketing
Industry : -
Length : 04 Pages
Price : Rs. 100

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The caselet discusses how Internet marketing is enabling companies to provide customized services to consumers. It analyzes the growing power of e-commerce and shows how marketing has shed its conventional form and is being done through a global medium, the Internet. It takes a look at the apprehension among online customers related to online trading. It also explains how online marketers are benefited by a one-to-one dialogue with customers.


» Internet marketing vs conventional marketing
» How the Internet is serving as global a medium for advertising and marketing ?
» Whether it is possible to sell all the products virtually
» Confidentiality in online trading
» How captivating e-commerce is ?


The development of Internet marketing is the most important advancement in the field of marketing in recent times. Internet marketing is being adopted by a large number of firms throughout the world.

By using the Internet, consumers all over the world can purchase any item of their choice by just clicking on the sites offering a wide range of articles for sale. Further, additional services can be availed of by using the links that the Internet marketers provide...

Questions for Discussion:

1. "Internet marketing has the potential to replace conventional marketing in the coming years." Comment.

2. Loyal customers who make repeated purchases are important for the success of Internet marketing. How can online marketers attract customers to visit their sites repeatedly?