Reckitt Benckiser`s Dettol Co-Created with Moms



Case Code :CLMM143
Publication date :2020
Period :2017-2020
Subject :Marketing Management
Industry :Cosmetics & Toiletries
Organization :Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd
Length : 10 pages
Teaching Note :Available
Country :India


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The case study “Reckitt Benckiser’s Dettol Co-Created With Moms” throws light on the new and innovative product development and marketing strategies adopted by Reckitt Benckiser India (RB India) to increase the market share of its flagship brand, Dettol, in the Indian personal care products market. The case study takes a look at the history of brand Dettol, its introduction in India in 1933, and its gradual acceptance by Indians who until then had used naturally available spices and herbs as germicides and disinfectants.

Next, the case study talks about the need for a new product category and the marketing research conducted by RB India which led to its co-creating a product range with the contemporary, well-placed, millennial Indian mother. The case also details the innovative marketing campaign executed by RB India for the new ‘Dettol Co-Created With Moms’ range of soaps and liquid handwash. The case study ends with RB India’s future plans to leverage the ‘Dettol Co-Created With Moms’ platform for growing the Dettol brand and replicating the innovative marketing practices in other product categories.


» Understand the importance of product innovation and new-product development.
» Know the benefits of co-creating products with customers.
» Learn the importance of marketing research before developing a product.
» Learn about the need to develop effective marketing communications.
» Become aware of the effectiveness of social media marketing.


Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd. (RB India), a well-established player in the Indian personal care and antiseptics market, launched the ‘Dettol Co-Created with Moms’ range in mid-2019 to increase its share in India’s soap market. The product range was exclusively targeted at young, well-informed, and digitally savvy millennial Indian mothers who sought safe personal care products for their families. To understand the evolving needs of the target group, the company interviewed 800 mothers across India and created a product range that addressed their unmet demands. The company also tweaked the proposition of its marketing communications to appeal to the contemporary Indian millennial mother, varying it from the core proposition that always focused on hygiene. According to Pankaj Duhan (Pankaj), Chief Marketing Officer, RB South Asia Health, “This is an investment for creating a future-ready platform, and we are extremely confident that our product range and proposition will be loved by consumers. We expect a positive response and consumer traction on the range, which should deliver on a healthy return on investment.” In 2020, Dettol bagged the 6th place in Brand Equity’s Most Trusted Brands 2020 list in India. .

Key words:
Product Co-Creation; Product Management; Product Category; Brand Extension; Communication Objectives; Communications Mix; Digital Marketing; Marketing Research; Social Media Marketing; DART Model; Marketing Strategy; Consumer Needs "

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