J&J India Uses Tiktok to Connect with Indian Teenage Girls



Case Code :CLMM145
Publication date :2020
Period :2019-2020
Subject :Marketing Management
Industry :Cosmetics & Toiletries
Organization :Johnson & Johnson Consumer (India)
Length : 7 pages
Teaching Note :Available
Country :India


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The case study “J&J India Uses Tiktok to Connect with Indian Teenage Girls” is about J&J India’s ‘#Unbottle Apna Swag’ marketing campaign on TikTok to promote its Clean & Clear brand’s ‘My Swag’ limited-edition range of foaming facewash products. The case describes how intense competition from rival brands such as Himalaya and Lakmé, which had launched face wash products in 2016 and 2018, had led to J&J India feeling the need to come up with a new strategy to connect with Generation Z teenage girls. Under the new strategy, J&J India launched a limited-edition range of Clean & Clear foaming facewash products called ‘My Swag Bottles’.

The case also highlights how J&J India created the packaging to reflect the personality of Indian teenage girls who did not shy away from asserting their individuality and used the word ‘swag’ to describe their individuality or anything (tangible and intangible) that represented their uniqueness. What differentiated the limited edition ‘My Swag Bottles’ from the original Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash was the colorful and trendy illustrations on the face of the pack which symbolized the different personalities of Indian teenage girls.

The case moves on to describe the marketing campaign that included commercials on television and YouTube. The campaign was also launched on TikTok where influencers were used to promote the product. The case gives details of the contest called ‘#UnbottleApnaSwag’ targeted at teenage girls that was a runaway success with the creation of 2.62 million user-generated videos, 1.96 billion video views, and172 million shares/comments/likes. Moreover, it helped Clean & Clear add over 10,400 new followers on TikTok and to reassert its teenage credentials. The case study ends with the challenges facing TikTok and with the question whether TikTok can become a regular channel of communication for consumer companies to market to teenagers in India.


» Understand the need to be aware of the different personalities of teenagers.
» Learn to develop a marketing campaign showcasing the personality attributes of teenagers.
» Become aware of the benefits of TikTok as a digital marketing channel for consumer companies.
» Understand the importance of packaging in marketing.
» Become aware of the rising importance of user-generated content in social media marketing.


Johnson & Johnson Consumer (India) (J&J India), the Indian business unit of Johnson & Johnson (J&J), launched a limited-edition range of Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash bottles called ‘My Swag Bottles’ in early 2019 for the new generation of Indian teenage girls who belonged to the Generation Z age cohort. Clean & Clear decided to advertise the limited-edition range of products in a fresh, unique way to establish a connection with the teenage girls belonging to Generation Z.

Key words:
Influencer Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Brand Loyalty, Consumer Behavior; Growth Strategy; Online Marketing Campaign; Customer Segmentation; Psychographic Segmentation; Demographic Segmentation; Brand Communications

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