Parle Must Get the Marketing Mix Right for Rol-a-Cola 2.0



Case Code :CLMM146
Publication date :2020
Period :2019
Subject :Marketing Management
Industry :Food & Beverage
Organization :Parle Products Private Limited
Length : 7 pages
Teaching Note :Available
Country :India


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The case “Parle Must Get the Marketing Mix Right for Rol-a-Cola 2.0” is about the re-launch of the Rol-a-Cola candy of Parle Products Private Limited (Parle) in India. Rol-a-Cola candy was taken off the shelves in 2006 due to product rationalization. The case deals with the circumstances behind the re-launch of the Rol-a-Cola brand in 2019 due to demand from consumers who wanted the brand back in the market.

Aided by digital media, Parle embarked on an advertising campaign on social media and re-launched the Rol-a-Cola brand in the market. The case next dwells on the state of the confectionery market in India and the various competitors of Parle. Digital media was used for the promotion and advertising of the Rol-a-Cola brand. The strong distribution network of Parle and the company’s low-cost pricing strategy along with its advertising strategy on digital media garnered sales for the Rol-a-Cola brand across the country. The question was whether the momentum would last and bring in profits for Parle.


» Understand the importance of brand management in an organization.
» Understand the role of pricing strategy in a brand’s success.
» Evaluate the process of digital media advertising.
» Analyze the importance of having a wide and strong distribution network.


In February 2019, a Twitter user from Kerala posted a picture with the tweet “Dear PARLE. Bring this back”. The tweet urged Parle Products Private Limited (Parle) to bring back Rol-a-Cola, a cola-flavored candy the production and sales of which it had discontinued in 2006. Even though the product had been taken off the shelves in India due to product rationalization, Parle continued to sell it in international markets such as Africa and West Asia...

Key words:
Parle; Rol-a-Cola; Marketing Mix; Digital Media; Social Media; Pricing Strategy; Low-cost Pricing; Advertising Strategy; Distribution Network; Brand Management; Integrated Marketing Communications; Marketing Management; Rural Market; Marketing Communications; Digital Marketing

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