Case Studies in Finance Vol III


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  Part - I: International Finance & Trade

Case Volumes | Case Study Volumes in Finance Vol III
Case 01 Gazprom - Naftogaz Ukrainy Dispute: Business or Politics?
Case 02 Mercosur - Changing Course?
Case 03 The Falling Dollar
Case 04 The Chinese Yuan: The Revaluation Dilemma
  Part - II: Investment Banking & Financial Services
Case 05 Lehman Brothers: Managing a Global Investment Bank Case Studies in Finance Vol III
23 Case Studies
270 pages, Paperback.
Indian orders: 2000 Rupees
Case 06 Charles Schwab's Customer Focussed E-Business Strategy
  Part - III: Security analysis
Case 07 Derivatives Trading in India
Case 08 MRPL And RPL - Analyzing Risks and Returns Case Volumes Collection
Case 09 Cost of Equity  
Case 10 The Google IPO  
  Part - IV: Commercial Banking  
Case 11 Essar Steel - Defaulting on Debt Repayment  
Case 12 The Rise and Fall of Global Trust Bank  
Case 13 Credit Risk Management at HSBC  
Case 14 ICICI Bank - Innovations in Microfinance  
  Part - V: Risk & Insurance  
Case 15 Managing Financial Risks  
Case 16 Assessing Loss due to Theft  
Case 17 Assessing Loss to a Property and Claims Adjustment Process  
Case 18 Claims for Loss to Property: Genuine or Fraudulent?  
Case 19 Liability Insurance: Personal Injury Claims  
Case 20 Outsourcing of Underwriting Activities in Insurance: Advantages and Disadvantages  
Case 21 Premium Rebates to Policyholders - Are they Ethical?  
Case 22 Film Insurance & Financing in India  
  Part - VI: Personal Financial Planning  
Case 23 The US-64 Controversy  

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