DeHaat Agritech Platform - Providing End-to-End Agricultural Solutions to Farmers

DeHaat Agritech Platform - Providing End-to-End Agricultural Solutions to Farmers
Case Code: BSTR585
Case Length: 10 Pages
Period: 2018-2019
Pub Date: 2019
Teaching Note: Available
Price: Rs.300
Organization: DeHaat Agritech
Industry: Agriculture & Forestry
Countries: India
Themes: Innovation, Emerging Technologies, Sustainable Innovation, Rural Markets
DeHaat Agritech Platform - Providing End-to-End Agricultural Solutions to Farmers
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The case 'DeHaat Agritech Platform – Providing End-to-End Agricultural Solutions to Farmers' is about the agritech platform 'DeHaat' started by Green Agrevolution Pvt. Ltd. The agritech platform provided services to the farmers related to agri-inputs and agri-outputs at a single place thereby eliminating the need for middlemen and distributors. The case starts off with the funding received by DeHaat from the year of its establishment to the latest round of funding in March 2019. The need and potential for agri tech startups are discussed in detail.

The case explains the challenges faced by DeHaat. The DeHaat platform and its mode of functioning are explained further with its business model. The DeHaat platform helped the farmers get the right agri-inputs on time at a competitive price and the market linkages provided on the platform enabled the farmers get the right price for their produce. DeHaat also provided crop advisory services to the farmers such as how to cultivate the most suitable crop, the correct fertilizer and pesticides to be used, and the right time for harvesting and processing the agri-outputs based on each farmer profile. DeHaat further planned to replicate the model in other states and further expand its services in farm credit and insurance.


The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives:

  • Analyze the impact of new technologies on traditional business processes
  • Understand the traditional supply chain management process and how new technologies cause disruption in the traditional supply chain process
  • Analyze the difference between incremental innovation and disruptive/breakthrough innovation
  • Understand how an organization overcomes the challenges in implementing a new technology
  • Evaluate the how an organization deals with the inefficiencies in the supply chain process



Agricultural solutions; Agritech Platform; Innovation; Distribution; Rural Supply Chain; Agri-inputs; Agri-outputs; Farmers; DeHaat; Online Platform; Mobile App; Farm Credit; Crop Insurance; Market Lnkages; Entreprenuers

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