Pollo Campera, the Taste of Latin America: Can it Capture the US?

Pollo Campera, the Taste of Latin America: Can it Capture the US?
Case Code: BSTR646
Case Length: 14 Pages
Period: 1971-2022
Pub Date: 2022
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Organization : Pollo Campero S.A.
Industry : Foodservice
Countries : United States
Themes: International Operations, Competitive Strategy, Family Business,Marketing Strategy
Pollo Campera, the Taste of Latin America: Can it Capture the US?
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The case “Pollo Campera, the Taste of Latin America: Can it Capture the US?” talks about the growth journey of the world’s largest Latin American chicken chain Pollo Campera (PC) from a small family-run business in the Central American country of Guatemala to a Multilatina company which had more than 350 restaurants across the world, as of 2022. The case starts off with a brief history of the family-owned PC and touches upon the strategies that helped the brand gain a cult following in Latin America. It then delves into the reasons why PC entered its most crucial international market – the US. After establishing a strong presence in the niche that catered to Hispanics in the overall US chicken Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market, PC decided to target mainstream customers in order to have higher growth.

The case goes into the details of the various strategies that PC undertook in its endeavor to capture the US chicken QSR market including providing a diverse menu and targeting millennials who were open to trying out new cuisines. Once PC had established a strong position for itself in the US chicken QSR market, it began to undertake an aggressive expansion strategy in the US, its ultimate goal being to become a 1,000-store brand. Considering that the US is a melting pot of cultures, can a Latin American food chain one day become ‘Americans’ Favorite Fried Chicken Chain’?


The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives:

  • Evaluate the key structural drivers in the business environment to identify opportunities, threats, and strategic gaps.
  • Outline the unique aspects of family-owned businesses that play a part in their success
  • Recognize the role of customer service in determining success in the restaurant industry
  • Analyze international market entry strategies
  • Identify the strategies to be undertaken to move from a niche market to the mass market
  • Examine the way differentiation is used to obtain a competitive advantage
  • Scrutinize the business expansion strategy of a company in an international market



Millennial; Competitive Advantage; Differentiation Strategy; Customer Service; Niche Market; Mass Market; Business Environment; Family Business; International Market Entry; Differentiation Strategy; Unique Brand Elements; Business Expansion; Franchising Strategy; Multilatina; Brand Characteristics

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