Environmental Sustainability Initiatives at Johnson & Johnson Vision

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives at Johnson & Johnson Vision
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Organization : Johnson & Johnson Vision
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Themes: Sustainability, Supply Chain Management
Environmental Sustainability Initiatives at Johnson & Johnson Vision
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Johnson & Johnson Vision (J&J Vision), the ophthalmology products division of the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) group of companies, had five yearly plans in place since 2016 called ‘Health for Humanity’. These plans were intended to help create social, environmental, and economic value for its stakeholders and society at large. J&J Vision embraced the goals under J&J’s ‘Health for Humanity’ 2025 to help the parent company achieve its goals. With the aim of improving the environmental health of the planet, as part of ‘Health for Humanity’, J&J Vision focused on three areas – addressing climate change, reducing waste, and protecting natural resources.

Though the company was able to make progress in achieving the goals it had set, it also faced challenges in its path to achieving sustainability in its operations. One major challenge was collaborating with its suppliers and industry peers to reduce Scope 3 emissions. Dealing with diverse regulatory policies in different countries was another challenge that the company encountered while implementing its environmental sustainability goals.

To overcome these challenges, the company decided to collaborate with its suppliers as well as peers to develop a knowledge pool and improve supplier capability in the entire optometry industry.


The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives:

  • To study the environmental sustainability initiatives of companies and their impact on the climate.
  • To explore how businesses can align with UN SDGs and make an impact on the environment.
  • To understand the challenges of adopting a sustainable supply chain.
  • To evaluate the benefits of collaboration in achieving a sustainable supply chain



Climate; Sustainability; Waste; Environment,Climate; Sustainability; Waste; Environment; J&J; Healthcare; Collaboration; Supply Chain; Scope3

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