Amazon Air`s Launch in India: Will it Shake-Up the Indian E-commerce Space?

Amazon Air`s Launch in India: Will it Shake-Up the Indian 
E-commerce Space?
Case Code: BSTR657
Case Length: 8 Pages
Period: 2022-2023
Pub Date: 2023
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Organization :, Inc.
Industry : Retailing
Countries : India
Themes: Service Operations, E-Business Strategy, E-Business Operations,Competitive Strategy
Amazon Air`s Launch in India: Will it Shake-Up the Indian 
E-commerce Space?
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The case study “Amazon Air’s Launch in India: Will it Shake Up the Indian E-commerce Space?” discusses US-based multinational technology company Inc. (Amazon), launching its dedicated air cargo network – Amazon Air – in India. The case starts out with a brief look at the history of Amazon Air. Amazon’s erstwhile delivery process in India is then described, along with how that would change with the launch of Amazon Air. The case discusses in depth the ramifications of introducing Amazon Air for the company’s delivery capabilities, customer satisfaction, competitive ability, revenue-earning capability, and cost control. The case also mentions briefly the effect that Amazon Air – currently the only air cargo network for an e-commerce platform in India – would have on the further evolution of the Indian e-commerce space. Do you think that Amazon Air would transform not only the company’s fortunes, but the Indian e-commerce space too in the future?


The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives:

  • Understand the delivery service in e-business.
  • Design a fast delivery system for an e-commerce company.
  • Examine the ways to win customers in the e-commerce marketplace.
  • Develop methods to attain service differentiation.
  • Analyze competitive service strategies that can improve the e-commerce delivery standards in India.



Delivery Service Differentiation; E-business; Delivery Service; E-commerce Marketplace; Customer Service Management; Logistics Management; Competitive Ability; E-commerce shipping; Last mile delivery; Competitive Service Strategies; E-commerce Logistics; Customer Retention Strategies; Dedicated Cargo Service; Delivery Mode; and Fulfillment Process;; E-commerce; Amazon Air; E-commerce Logistics; Air Delivery; Dedicated Cargo Service Delivery Standards ; Market Disruption

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