BenevolentAI - Using AI to Disrupt Traditional Drug Discovery Process

BenevolentAI - Using AI to Disrupt Traditional Drug Discovery Process
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Period: 2013-2018
Pub Date: 2019
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Organization: BenevolentAI
Industry: Pharmaceutical
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Themes: Disruptive Innovation, Incremental Innovation, Strategic Innovation, Breakthrough Innovation, Traditional Drug Discovery Process
BenevolentAI - Using AI to Disrupt Traditional Drug Discovery Process
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The Traditional Drug Discovery Process

In the pharmaceutical industry, the drug discovery process was fairly long, the percentage of failure was pegged at 95%, and the costs involved were exorbitant. The traditional drug discovery process involved the researchers sifting through millions of compounds out of which only a few would be approved. A report in the Pharmaceutical Journal in 2015 mentioned that of the 25,000 compounds which were selected from the laboratory, only 25 were tested on patients, of which only five made it to the market, and eventually only one drug recovered the investments made...

BAI: Disrupting the Traditional Drug Discovery Process

BAI created a knowledge bank with the vast amounts of scientific data available. All the data which pertained to mankind's bioscience domain contained in patents, scientific papers, and clinical trials were to be part of the knowledge bank. Information about diseases was gathered from the knowledge bank to better understand the causes..

Going Beyond Pharma

BAI was working toward applying its AI technology in multiple areas such as agriculture, nutraceuticals , veterinary science, and advanced materials. The company was also conducting ongoing research in 19 new drugs for various diseases. Hunter said, "If we can show that our approach works in a really difficult, complex sector like the pharmaceutical industry and human biomedicine, then the potential in other less complex industries, like agrotech and veterinary medicine, is much greater. Any research intensive industry could benefit from this technology." ...

Health-Tech Startups to Drive the Future of Drup Discovery

The excitement and the hype generated over big data, AI, and machine learning had led to the launch of many health-tech startups in the pharmaceutical industry which had earlier been dominated by traditional pharma companies. In the year 2018, there was a huge jump in the investments and joint ventures made by big pharma companies in health-tech startups. As per an analytics company, Deep Knowledge Analytics Limited , about 15 companies in the year 2018 had integrated AI in their drug discovery process...


Exhibit I: BAI Funding Status over the Years from 2014 to 2018
Exhibit II: Traditional Pharmaceutical Drug Research and Development Process

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