Central City Opera House Association

Central City Opera House Association
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Case Length: 10 Pages
Period: 2009-2010
Pub Date: 2013
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Organization: Central City Opera House Association
Industry: Non-profit
Countries: US; Global
Themes: Strategic Management, Non-profit Management
Central City Opera House Association
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After the annual meeting of the Central City Opera House Association (CCOHA) in December 2009, Board member Bob Walters, Board Chair Jerome Martin, and current treasurer and past president Peter Benz, were talking about the annual report and year-end fund-raising forecasts. "What are we going to do? We are too dependent on one financial supporter and revenue from attendance has not been strong." Walters said. "Our repertory does not respond to our patrons," added Benz. Martin, another strong opera supporter, chimed in, "We have to make some changes. Our business model just won';t work anymore.

The board and executive staff need to take a serious look at the Association's future; otherwise we will be a dinosaur." Walters responded, "This will require us to take this opera company in a totally new direction, but what might that be?" Benz, a noted economist, added, “Yes, times have changed and so has opera, and now this economy is really going to add to our difficulties." ...

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