The Social Business Journey at IBM

The Social Business Journey at IBM
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Period: 1997 - 2012
Pub Date: 2012
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Organization: IBM Corporation
Industry: Information Industry
Countries: Global
Themes: Social Media, Marketing Communications, Sales Management, Services Marketing, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management
The Social Business Journey at IBM
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Early History Of IBM

Kodak's journey began in April 1880 when George Eastman (Eastman), a junior clerk at Rochester Savings Bank, started manufacturing photographic dry-plates on the third floor of a building on State Street in Rochester, US. In 1879, before he got into manufacturing, Eastman had invented an emulsion-coating machine which helped in the mass production of dry plates. The commercial production of the dry plates impressed a manufacturer of buggy-whips10 and family friend Henry Alvah Strong (Strong). Strong provided funding support and later, in 1881, Eastman and he formed a partnership under the name Eastman Dry Plate Company. In the same year, Eastman resigned from his junior clerk post to go full time into his business.

In 1883, he launched films in rolls with a roll holder which was adaptable to nearly every plate camera available in the market at that time. In 1884, the partnership was changed to a US$200,00011 corporation with 14 shareholders. It was renamed as The Eastman Dry Plate and Film Company. Strong and Eastman became president and treasurer of the company respectively.

In 1888, with the launch of the 'Kodak' camera with a 100-picture film for US$25, Eastman revolutionized photography. To market this product, the company used the slogan 'You press the button, we do the rest'. This invention reinforced the company's commitment to bringing photography to the common man at the lowest possible price. The camera proved to be a commercial success. Eastman trademarked the 'Kodak' brand name and the word Kodak was incorporated into the company name...

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