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Employee Training and Development at Motorola

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Case Code : HROB067
Case Length : 17 Pages
Period : 1980 - 2004
Pub Date : 2005
Teaching Note :Not Available
Organization : Motorola
Industry : Telecom
Countries : USA

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Training and Development Initiatives

The Initial Efforts

Motorola had started training its employees' way back in the 1920s, and the importance of training continued to grow. Till the early 1980s, Motorola had its own standard employee development activities in which training was the key element.

During those days, when people were recruited for manufacturing, the company looked for three essential qualities in the employees - the communication and computational skills of a seventh grader; basic problem solving abilities both in an individual capacity and as a team player; and willingness to accept work hours as the time it took to achieve quality output rather than regular clock hours.

Human Resource and Organization Behavior | Case Study in Management, Operations, Strategies, Human Resource and Organization Behavior, Case Studies

The quality of the output was the primary consideration for Motorola, and employees were expected to make full efforts to achieve quality. Most of the employees learned their job through observing the seniors at work and learning through the trial and error method. The training lessons imparted to them involved techniques to improve their communication skills and sharpen their calculation skills...

The Motorola University

After conducting various training experiments that spanned a few decades, Motorola came to understand that training involved more than designing and implementing one particular program for a set of employees. To keep improving performance, training should be a continuous learning process involving each and every person in the organization. Normally, training was an ad hoc measure, whereas education gave the recipient a vision. Education was viewed as an investment rather than a cost. Therefore, Motorola decide to elevate MTEC to the status of a university in 1989...

Focus on e-Learning

Motorola University created a new internal institute named College of Learning Technologies (CLT) to develop educational delivery systems through satellite, Internet and virtual classrooms.

This department was responsible for providing innovative learning via virtual classrooms, online experiences, use of CD-ROMS and through multimedia such as video and satellite conferences. The university placed a large selection of courses and training materials on its intranet , available around the world at any time to its employees...


Exhibit I: Highlights of the Five-Part Curriculum
Exhibit II: List of Courses Offered by Motorola University
Exhibit III: Executive Education Profile of Motorola in the 1990s
Exhibit IV: A Brief Note on Kirkpatrick Evaluation Levels
Exhibit V: Motorola's Individual Dignity Entitlement Program
Exhibit VI: Highlights of Motorola's Self-Directed Learning Program


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