SAP`s Innovation Approach: Boost Startups and Intrapreneurship

SAP`s Innovation Approach: Boost Startups and Intrapreneurship
Case Code: HROB248
Case Length: 18 Pages
Period: 2010-2022
Pub Date: 2023
Teaching Note: Available
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Organization: SAP SE
Industry: Technology & Communications
Countries: Germany
Themes: Corporate Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Employee Benefits,Organizational Behaviour
SAP`s Innovation Approach: Boost Startups and Intrapreneurship
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The case “SAP’s Innovation Approach: Boost Startups and Intrapreneurship” talks about the various initiatives taken by Germany-based multinational software company SAP SE (SAP) to support startups – whether internal or external – as part of its innovation approach and to keep its position in the marketplace. The case gives a brief glimpse into the various programs undertaken by SAP through the years to support external startups by providing technology access, financial support, marketing know-how, and even its employees’ skills. It also takes an in-depth look at the company’s intrapreneurship programs, which were stated to have provided the company with several intrinsic benefits. SAP also had a purpose-driven innovation agenda, as part of which it strove to encourage inclusive entrepreneurship and startups from developing countries such as Brazil and India. Over the years, SAP claimed to have played a role in the emergence of several innovative startups that transformed the global technology landscape. Can SAP’s global standard for startup-driven innovation be emulated by other technology companies?


The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives:

  • Appreciate the innovation approach of a large organization that tapped into startup innovation
  • Understand the nuances of corporate entrepreneurship
  • Scrutinize the various ways in which corporates could engage with startups
  • Investigate the role of corporate startup incubators/accelerators
  • Analyze how diversity and inclusion can power entrepreneurship
  • Examine the importance of encouraging intrapreneurship in an organization



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