Sheryl Sandberg: An IT Industry Icon Supporting Women`s Self-empowerment

Sheryl Sandberg: An IT Industry Icon Supporting Women`s Self-empowerment
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Period: 2001-2022
Pub Date: 2022
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Organization: Meta Platforms Inc.
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Sheryl Sandberg: An IT Industry Icon Supporting Women`s Self-empowerment
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Sandberg’s Short But Impactful Stint At Google

In 2000, after the ruling party changed from The Republicans Party to Democratic Party in the US, Sandberg decided to join the booming IT industry. Online search company, Google – founded in 1998 – pursued her to join it. At that time, Google was a private company, hardly three years old, with no stable revenue stream and not even a business plan..

A Game-Changer at Facebook

In 2004, the social networking site Facebook was founded by Harvard University classmates Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes (He), Eduardo Saverin (He), Dustin Moskovitz (He), and Andrew McCollum (He). The social network platform permitted users to create profiles and post updates to friends. It rapidly became known for idioms like ‘Friending’ and it’s famous ‘like’ button. It later added messaging, photo, and video sharing competencies..

Sandberg’s Efforts to Support Women in the Workplace

From her early days, Sandberg was aware of the low number of women in academics and the workplace. She observed that, in spite of the gains women had achieved through women’s liberation, a large number of business executives were still predominately male. While the percentage of women in the US labor force had gradually climbed to 47%, as of 2021, it was still significantly lower in the tech sector..

Sandberg’s Books – A Further Attempt to Support Career Women

Sandberg documented her thinking and her advice for career-oriented women in the book called Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead (Lean In), which was published in 2013. In that book, Sandberg advised women who wanted to climb higher in their careers to simply “lean,” or be more assertive in their jobs. Lean In was an overnight success, bagging attention globally and reaching..

Sandberg Overcoming Challenges

After Donald Trump (Trump) (He), former US President won the 2016 election, social media platforms especially Facebook began to be criticized extensively for allowing the spread of fake news and half-truth on its platform, which some believed had helped Trump’s presidential campaign. Following that, it came to light that Facebook had exposed data from as many as 87 million of its users to a researcher at the firm Cambridge Analytica (CA), which worked for the Trump’s campaign..

Course change?

Sandberg stated that she had expected to stay at Facebook for only five years, and then shift to doing other things. In her farewell Facebook post, Sandberg said..


Exhibit I: About Lean In Circles
Exhibit II: A Timeline of Sheryl Sandberg’s Career
Exhibit III: Companies Information
Exhibit IV: Meta Platforms, Inc. Consolidated Income Statements
Exhibit V: Sheryl Sandberg: Awards and Recognitions
Exhibit VI: Women’ Representation in Big Tech companies in the US, as of June 2021
Exhibit VII: Paid Medical and Family Leave status in Selected Developed Countries, 2021

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