Liquid Intelligent Technologies: Enabling Africa`s Digital Transformation

Liquid Intelligent Technologies: Enabling Africa`s Digital Transformation
Case Code: ITSY125
Case Length: 12 Pages
Pub Date: 2022
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Organization: Liquid Intelligent Technologies
Industry: Technology & Communications
Countries: Zimbabwe
Themes: Digital Transformation, Digital Strategy, Strategic Alliances,Customer Relationship Management
Liquid Intelligent Technologies: Enabling Africa`s Digital Transformation
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This case captures the digitalization initiatives taken by Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid), a pan-African digital infrastructure providing company. The digitalization in Africa was necessitated by the low internet penetration as well as low internet speeds. Armed with the vision of connecting every individual on the African continent and utilizing technology to provide a better and brighter future for all, Liquid entered into strategic partnerships with leading technology companies. The case deals with Liquid’s journey from a telecom company to the largest independent fiber network provider in Africa and how it achieved the milestone of 100,000 kilometers of fiber network across the continent.

The strategic partnerships the top technology companies further helped Liquid achieve its goals of digitalizing Africa. The case discusses the various activities Liquid undertook to build digital skills among the youth in Africa and their impact on the social and economic sphere. The customer value proposition of Liquid is also laid bare along with the company’s future plans toward digitilization in Africa. It remains to be seen whether Liquid’s digitalization efforts will bring about the much-needed changes in the African economy and society and pave the way for rapid development in the continent.


The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives:

  • Analyze the concept of digitalization and its impact.
  • Understand the concept of strategic partnerships and their role of these partnerships in the growth of a company.
  • Understand the concept of customer value proposition and its impact on the social and economic sphere.
  • Evaluate the relationship between organizational goals, digitalization, strategic partnership, and customer value proposition (CVP).



Digital Transformation; CVP; Liquid Intelligent Technologies; Digital Infrastructure; Internet Penetration; Fiber Network; Digitalization; Strategic Alliance; Partnerships; African Digital Transformation

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