Evernote Corporation`s Migration to Cloud

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Evernote Corporation`s Migration to Cloud
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Evernote – The Product

Eventually, Evernote transformed into a leader of note taking apps. It was a powerful storage and retrieval system for documents and data. Everything from PDFs, spreadsheets, documents, videos, emails, etc., could be stored on Evernote. The service was available in the form of an app and also over the browser..

Evernote Migration To Cloud

Since the start of business, Evernote had maintained its own servers and networks which gave it the flexibility to design its products. But along the way, maintaining the servers and networks became expensive and also slowed down the enhancement of product features. The engineers at Evernote had to spend a lot of time in replacing hard drives, moving cables, assessing infrastructure, etc..

Benefits Of Migration To Cloud

The migration was expected to give Evernote more time and resources that would allow it to focus on improving the quality of the product rather than on the day to day maintenance of the software and related equipment. With the migration Evernote, hoped to achieve benefits like increased uptime, and better security of data, and add newer features to the product..


Exhibit I: Some Competitors of Evernote
Exhibit II: Products Offered by Evernote
Exhibit III: Evernote Plans
Exhibit IV: App Integrations in Evernote
Exhibit V: Evernote Services
Exhibit VI: Goals set by Evernote while Planning Migration Methodology and Maintenance Windows

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