Insuring Hitherto Uncovered Losses - Cyberinsurance

Insuring Hitherto Uncovered Losses - Cyberinsurance
Case Code: INS010
Case Length: 03 Pages
Period: 2003
Pub Date: 2003
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Organization: Varied
Industry: Insurance
Countries: India
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Insuring Hitherto Uncovered Losses - Cyberinsurance
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The case examines the gaps in insurance coverage provided by general liability products and the need for hi-tech companies to obtain Cyberinsurance through means of separate insurance packages. The evolutionary status of Cyberinsurance coverage, resistance of companies to realize their need for this coverage, and their failure to reveal the true picture of cyber losses incurred by them are also mentioned in the case.

The case discusses the importance of market research before launching a product into the market and also examines the need to accurately identify the purpose of carrying out a market research.


  • Understand the risk faced by companies dependent on computerized operations and their need for insurance coverage to protect themselves from losses arising due to failure of their internal systems
  • Realize the failure of insurance companies from providing Cyberinsurance as part of general liability products


Insurance Coverage, General Liability Products, Hi-tech Companies, Cyberinsurance, Insurance Packages, Cyber Losses, Market Research, Launching a Product

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