Liability Claims Cost of Non Response

Liability Claims Cost of Non Response
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Period: 2003
Pub Date: 2003
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Liability Claims Cost of Non Response
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The case examines the general issues in liability claims, the need for a claims adjuster to verify the coverage for the claim in question, the determination of liability and the identification of causes of damage. Further, the coverage problems and the need for proper communication with the claimant are also discussed.

Apart from this, the case examines the significance of the role of accident reconstruction experts in ascertaining the cause of the accident, and the liability of the insurer. The case also discusses the process of litigation, in case the insurer does not respond to a claim made by an individual.


  • Understand the general issues in liability claims
  • Analyze the actions taken by a claims adjuster in order to determine coverage and liability, and ascertain the extent of damage
  • Gain insight into various coverage problems in a case where the coverage for a claim is doubtful


General Issues, Liability Claims, Claims Adjuster, Coverage Claim, Determination of Liability, Identification of Causes , Damage, Proper Communication, Accident Reconstruction Experts, Ascertaining, Accident, Liability of the Insurer, Process of Litigation

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