e-Mail: An Effective Communication Tool for Insurers

e-Mail: An Effective Communication Tool for Insurers
Case Code: INS025
Case Length: 03 Pages
Period: 2003
Pub Date: 2003
Teaching Note: Available
Price: Rs.100
Organization: Varied
Industry: Insurance
Countries: India
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e-Mail: An Effective Communication Tool for Insurers
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The case focuses on the communication process in insurance. It discusses the role of the media and emerging forms of communication in the marketing of insurance products. The case examines the effectiveness of the Internet in reaching customers in a cost-effective manner. It also throws light on the effective use of e-mail services to communicate effectively with customers. The case also discusses the importance of developing promotional messages that appeal to customers.


  • Understand the communication process in the insurance business
  • Discuss the different media available for insurers to communicate with their customers


Communication Process, Role, Media, Emerging, Communication, Marketing, Insurance, Effectiveness, Internet, Customers, Cost-effective Manner, Effective, E-mail, Services, Communicate Effectively, Customers, Promotional Messages

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