Claims for Loss to Property - Genuine or Fraudulent

Claims for Loss to Property - Genuine or Fraudulent
Case Code: INS002
Case Length: 03 Pages
Period: 2003
Pub Date: 2003
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Industry: Insurance
Countries: India
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Claims for Loss to Property - Genuine or Fraudulent
Abstract Case Intro

Dinesh Mishra was the owner of an apparel showroom situated in a commercial area of Navi Mumbai. The showroom stocked clothes for wealthy, trendy young people. It carried a variety of designs and premier collections designed by famous designers, including Ritu Beri.

On weekdays Mishra would stay in the apparel showroom upto 1:00 am as people in the city preferred to do late evening shopping. Thus, he could not spend sufficient time with his family during weekdays.

Every weekend Mishra spent time with his family. One evening, he was enjoying his weekend with his family in a restaurant situated outside the town on a small hillock. While Mishra and his family were enjoying a mid-night buffet at the restaurant, his cell phone started ringing.

Ratan, the security guard of the apparel showroom, was on the line. In a panic-stricken voice, Ratan informed Mishra that there was a major fire in the showroom and that the showroom was completely destroyed in the fire. On hearing the news, Mishra was shell-shocked and couldn't speak a word...

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