Liability Insurance - Personal Injury Claims

Liability Insurance - Personal Injury Claims
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Period: 2003
Pub Date: 2003
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Liability Insurance - Personal Injury Claims
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Claims arising out of health hazards are an inevitable byproduct of industrial activity. As soon as one dangerous compound or process is identified and counter measures are taken, something else takes its place. It has become increasingly hard to isolate and identify more complex and sophisticated perils. It took decades to discover microscopic asbestos fibers that constitute a major health hazard. According to the National Safety Council, inhaling asbestos can lead to its accumulation in the lungs. Breathing in high levels of asbestos fibers increases the risk of lung cancer. Smokers are also at a greater risk of getting lung cancer. It is only after many years of exposure that the symptoms of these diseases begin to show up...

Caselet 02

Mumtaz was a resident of Los Angeles, USA. Recently, she began having some health problems. Following the advise of her family doctor, she consulted Dr. Ralph, who was also running a nursing home in the locality. Dr. Ralph asked Mumtaz to admit herself in his nursing home for treatment. She agreed to do so.

After some time, her problems aggravated. Though she was in the nursing home for a considerable period of time, Dr.Ralph was not able to cure her problem. Finally, she was discharged from the nursing home. Later, Mumtaz was treated by another doctor...

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