Company Valuation vs. Leadership Values: The Experience

Company Valuation vs. Leadership Values: The Experience
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Period: 2016-2022
Pub Date: 2023
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Themes: Leadership & Values, Leadership Style, Corporate Governance,Ethical Leadership
Company Valuation vs. Leadership Values: The Experience
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History of Allegations

Garg had a history of various allegations leveled against him by founding partners or investors in each of his ventures. At EIFC his partner Khan noticed that there were discrepancies in EIFC’s finances which were managed by Garg. In 2013, he filed a lawsuit alleging that Garg had not been filing the company’s taxes..

Garg’s Leadership at Better

Garg had the same aggressive and blunt approach to his fellow employees. He set very high expectations and wanted employees to push themselves to the limit to help the company grow and improve customer experience..

The Dilemma

Despite multiple legal liabilities, conflicts of interest, and corporate governance problems, various stakeholders at Better were happy to be associated with Garg since his success in building Better and providing investors with the kind of returns on investments overshadowed his outbursts that caused headaches for some employees and forced others to quit..


Exhibit I: Garg’s Early Ventures
Exhibit II: Investments in

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