Rendanheyi - Driving Innovation through Corporate Entrepreneurship at Haier

Rendanheyi - Driving Innovation through Corporate Entrepreneurship at Haier
Case Code: LDEN189
Case Length: 18 Pages
Period: 2005-2018
Pub Date: 2022
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Organization : Haier Group Corporation
Industry :Electrical & Electronics
Countries : China
Themes: Corporate Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Change Management, Strategies
Rendanheyi - Driving Innovation through Corporate Entrepreneurship at Haier
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Model to Transform Haier

With the company growing further, the matrix structure proved inadequate. Like typical big enterprises, different departments worked in a self-centered manner and silos started to form between them. People working in the silo structure were not aware of who their end users were and how to engage them..

The Future

Rendanheyi 2.0, a platform to manage innovation, was Zhang’s vision of Haier in the years to come. Zhang said, “Today, the world has, of course, passed that turning point. No longer do successful companies compete through their brands. Instead, they compete through platforms—or, put another way, through linkages among independent enterprises, aligned via their interoperable technologies and their creative efforts.” ..

The Road Ahead

Though Haier benefited immensely from this model, it remained to be seen if the same can be replicated elsewhere—in a different country or a different industry. Zhang was confident that this model could be applied universally, and organizations across the world needed to be connected to customers in the IoT era..


Exhibit 1: ZZJYT and Xiaowei
Exhibit 2: Haier – Timeline
Exhibit 3: Haier – Implementation of Rendanheyi
Exhibit 4: Haier – Core Values
Exhibit 5: Details of ZZJYT
Exhibit 6: Details of ZZJYT
Exhibit 7: Evolution of Haier Platform
Exhibit 8: Haier – Selected Financials
Exhibit 9: About COSMOPlat

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