Roger Federer: Leadership Lessons from the `Greatest of All Times` in the World of Tennis

Roger Federer: Leadership Lessons from the `Greatest of All Times` in the World of Tennis
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Roger Federer: Leadership Lessons from the `Greatest of All Times` in the World of Tennis
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Leading with Integrity

Federer was appreciated by his fellow players for his commitment to leading his life with integrity. They pointed out that during his career, Federer had never retired from a match mid-way. Nor had he ever feigned or submitted to an injury as the game began to slip away. He had competed in 65 tournaments over 16 consecutive years without missing any of the Grand Slams due to injury or illness. Experts felt that he was surrounded by the best coaches and trainers who trained him very well..

Demonstrating Value-Based Decision Making

Federer’s decisions during his career were driven by his core values of being a team player, giving back to the society, and lobbying for a pay increase for his fellow players. Throughout his career, he led his life with humility and embraced hard work..

On the Defensive

In his journey to creating social value and economic value for society, Federer also had to face some criticism. He had to manage several stakeholders from his fellow players to his fans..

The Maestro announces his Retirement

In 2016, Federer was grappling with a knee injury. Industry observers wrote him off, stating that he would retire soon. However, Federer proved his critics wrong by winning the Australian Open in 2017 and in 2018. On winning the Australian Open in 2017, Federer said, “If you believe, you can really, really [go] far in your life. And I think I did that. I am happy that I kept on dreaming and believing. Here I am today, for the 8th. It’s fantastic.” ..

Looking Ahead

Though Federer retired from professional tennis, he planned to continue working in the field. He added, “I would like to keep doing exhibition matches and I know that I still have the chance to fill stadiums. It doesn’t always have to be 52,000 like in Cape Town. I never thought I would say this. But six months ago, I suddenly thought: commentating on tennis someday, who knows? Although I always said I would never do that. But to commentate on some matches at Wimbledon would be great.” ..


Exhibit I: Federer’s Victories
Exhibit II: Players Holding Number 1 Position for Maximum Consecutive Weeks
Exhibit III: Titles Won by Federer
Exhibit IV: Federer’s Records
Exhibit V: DSocial Initiatives by the Roger Federer Foundation
Exhibit VI: Reputation Institute’s List of Most Trusted and Respected Public Personality in the World
Exhibit VII: Federer’s Other Social Initiatives
Exhibit VIII: Federer’s Awards and Accolades
Exhibit IX: Federer’s Brand Portfolio
Exhibit X: ATP All-Time Career Prize Money Leaders (as of June 6, 2022)

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