Dunkin Donuts to Dunkin`: A Rebranding Exercise

iD Fresh Enters the Traditional Beverage Segment through its Filter Coffee Decoction
Case Code: MKTG436
Case Length: 9 Pages
Period: 1948- 2019
Pub Date: 2021
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Organization : Dunkin Brands Group, Inc
Industry : Food & Beverage
Countries : India
Themes: Branding Strategy, Advertising & Promotion, Brand Revival, Brand Strategy
iD Fresh Enters the Traditional Beverage Segment through its Filter Coffee Decoction
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This case is about the rebranding exercise undertaken by the Dunkin Brands Group, Inc. (Dunkin) in the US. The company had dropped the word ‘Donuts’ from its brand name ‘Dunkin Donuts’ and rebranded to only ‘Dunkin’. The rebranding created ripples in the restaurant industry because though the organization had changed its logo and appearance even earlier, this was the first time it was dropping the word ‘Donuts’ from its brand name. In fact, the word ‘Donuts’ was closely associated with the brand, and was almost synonymous with “Dunkin Donuts’.

The case discusses the evolution of the brand name, the reasons for the rebranding initiative, and the strategies undertaken by Dunkin to successfully rebrand itself. The name change, however, elicited a mixed response from customers and brand analysts. The various contentions for the rebranding are discussed along with the future outlook for the company. Was the rebranding initiative the right decision for Dunkin and will it help the organization achieve its objectives? What should the company do, going ahead?


The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives:

  • Understand the concept and need for ‘rebranding’ in relation to an organization.
  • Understand the issues and challenges in rebranding for a well-known brand.
  • Understand the importance of marketing communication and advertisement in successfully rebranding.
  • Evaluate the strategies adopted by Dunkin in rebranding itself.
  • Explore ways in which the company can ensure that its rebranding is successful.



Corporate rebranding; rebranding; brand reinforcement; brand evolution; brand management; marketing communication; rebranding reasons; rebranding elements; Advertising; Marketing communication; Dunkin Donuts

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