Hasbro`s Kidult-Centric Business Strategy: Navigating Nostalgia for Success?

Hasbro`s Kidult-Centric Business Strategy: Navigating Nostalgia for Success?
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Case Length: 13 Pages
Pub Date: 2024
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Organization : Hasbro, Inc.
Industry :Retailing
Countries : United States
Themes: Brand Strategy Product Strategy & Design, Brand Development,Segmentation

Hasbro`s Kidult-Centric Business Strategy: Navigating Nostalgia for Success?
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The case “Hasbro’s Kidult-Centric Business Strategy: Navigating Nostalgia for Success?” discusses the strategies undertaken by US-based multinational play and entertainment company Hasbro, Inc. (Hasbro) to target the newly emerging ‘Kidult’ segment. A Kidult was someone aged 12+ who received or purchased toys and games for themselves. The case starts out with an in-depth look at Hasbro’s history and the reasons for its shrinking market prospects. It then delves into the reasons for the rise in the Kidult segment. To attract the Kidult segment, Hasbro began reinventing various consumer products that were then showcased on a direct-to-consumer platform apart from all-new TV shows, streaming content, and feature films. By strategically combining elements of nostalgia, Hasbro aimed to capture a diverse audience and extend the lifecycle of its brands. Given that the Kidult segment represents a relatively nascent market with numerous uncertainties, what additional strategies can Hasbro employ to stimulate its expansion within this segment and ultimately surmount the current stagnation of its growth trajectory?


The case is structured to achieve the following teaching objectives:

  • Explore the characteristics and dynamics of the Kidult market.
  • Analyze how a company can adapt its strategy to stay ahead of the curve and continue to fuel growth in a dynamic market space.
  • Create strategies to grow in new market segments
  • Analyze potential future trends in the Kidult market, considering evolving consumer preferences and technological advancements.


About Hasbro
Hard Times For Hasbro
The Changing Toy Landscape – The Emerging Kidults Segment
Hasbro’s Kidult Strategy
Way Forward


Kidult Market; Nostalgia Marketing; Product Diversification; Product Development; Collaborative Ventures; Collectibles and Limited Editions; Multi-Platform Engagement; Community Building; Segmentation; Targeting; Growth Strategy; Consumer Preferences; Direct-To-Consumer Platform; Brand Management; and Long-Term Brand Loyalty

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